Spottly Media Kit

Spottly 是一款资源收集的旅游类应用,掌握的是庞大的旅游资料,这些资料要怎样才能更好地出现在手表上?肯定不能照搬,用户也不会想在手表阅读一篇旅游攻略。于是,Spottly 考虑的是只在手表推送有用的信息,不需要用户去互动。用户发现对自己有用的信息可以立即收藏,对自己没用的只需瞄上一眼,这种模式非常适合现在的信息快餐消费。

对开发者们来说,他们思考的是如何处理手表与手机应用之间的关系,旅行社交应用Spottly的创始人Edwyn Chan认为,任何想要到Apple Watch上开发的开发者都不应为了简单把iPhone上的app放到一个更小的屏幕上,有些开发者可能主要考虑进行轻量化的开发,

Spottly创始人Edwyn Chan透露说:用户将有机会在秋天看到更多相关旅行地点的信息推送,可能是他们想去的地方,也可能是他们周边的地方,他们收到通知后可以很快进行收藏以及更多的动作

Forget crowd-funding, startups are now turning to crowd ownership campaigns. Hong Kong-based travel startup, Spottly, is currently running a crowd ownership campaign on RocketClub, a platform offering startup shares, to offer a 2% ownership stake in the company to its user community. Last weekend, it became the first company to reach its initial goal on the platform of 1,000 supporters.

Charlotte Chen, the co-founder and chief marketing officer at Spottly, said her company would look into the opportunity presented by the programming interface. Hong Kong-based Spottly provides a travel app for users to find, collect and share their favourite places in the world.

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This app finally puts all your food and tourist snaps to good use as way to share and recommend restaurants or places of interest. Launched in November 2013, Spottly allows users to record of their favourite finds with a picture, brief description and location...

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